The Villa Liebieg past and present

Built at the end of the nineteenth century, Baron von Liebieg’s villa is a true gem to this day. In the meantime, however, a lot has changed, especially in the building’s interior and the former private rooms.

Between 1892 and 1896, Baron von Liebieg had one of the most splendid examples of Gründerzeit architecture built on Schaumainkai. The following photo pairs compare how the building’s interiors looked originally to their present-day appearance.

The Picture Room

Already back then, Heinrich Liebieg displayed works from his painting collection in the skylit “picture room”. Today visitors can admire Renaissance sculptures in this room.

On the ground floor

More than a hundred years ago, the ground floor accommodated above all the service rooms, for example the kitchen, the ironing room and the servants’ rooms. Today the former kitchen is home to the Liebieghaus Café.

The Studioli

At the end of the nineteenth century, the master of the house lodged women visitors in the so-called ladies’ room on the second floor.

The square tower room: Baron von Liebieg had guestrooms set up on the second floor. Owing to the special view from its windows, the room in the square tower, accessed by way of the attic, was reserved for very privileged guests only.