Niclaus Gerhaert

The Medieval Sculptor

27 October 2011 to 4 March 2012

The Netherlander Niclaus Gerhaert von Leyden, who was likely born in Leyden around 1430, was first documented in Strasbourg in 1462, and died in Wiener Neustadt in 1473, is undoubtedly one of the most important and influential artists of the Late Gothic period. His works strike us for their amazing modernity and the lifelike quality of the figures.

With its approximately 70 sculptures from international collections, this exhibition offered an unprecedented opportunity of actually juxtaposing secured works by Gerhaert and stone and wood sculptures attributed to him with works by his circle and his followers, thereby putting hypotheses voiced by recent and latest research to the test.

An exhibition co-organized by the Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung, Frankfurt am Main, and the Musée de l’Œuvre Notre-Dame, Strasbourg.

Curator Dr. Stefan Roller (Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung)
Scholarly and restorative collaboration Dipl.-Rest. Harald Theiss (Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung)
Scholarly collaboration and project management Eva Maria Breisig, M.A. (Liebieghaus Skulpturensammlung)
The research and exhibition project was made possible by the culture endowment foundations Kulturfonds Frankfurt RheinMain and Kulturstiftung der Länder
With additional support from Ernst-von-Siemens-Kunststiftung
Media partners Deutsche Bahn, Frankfurter Rundschau, Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main
Cultural partner hr2-kultur